The basic SAFE-AID system layout is fairly similar on all or most cranes – the level of complexity of the particular crane or customer preferences will determine the additional outlying components that we capable of supplying or are vital for safety over and above the basic system.

A list of what we have done and are capable of undertaking:

The basic core system – common to all cranes

Multiple length monitoring – up to 6 x lengths

Outrigger monitoring (wireless or wired, proximity switch or potentiometers)

Boom Telescope monitoring – proximity switches

Boom Telescope control

Monitoring fly jib angles - fixed jibs hydraulic offset jibs & luffing jibs

Monitoring fly jib length

Level monitoring and display (tilt)

Slew / area monitoring

Pin locking and unlocking (telescope cylinders)

Counterweight monitoring – proximity switches

Last layer device monitoring (Third wrap – winches)

Winch and reverse camera monitoring

Boom retraction monitoring

Wind speed monitoring and logging

Data logging / recording of all errors

Communication via CAN Bus


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