At Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd, we've done our best to create a website that anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. With that goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at +27 (0) 11 792-1084 or


Since when has Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd been in operation?
Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1983. 

Does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd have other branches or agencies other than Johannesburg?
Currently, we operate from our manufacturing plant & offices based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have installers throughout southern Africa and we are continuously negotiating agency opportunities in various other regions. 

What is the total staff compliment of Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd? And technicians?
The current total staff compliment of Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd consists of 13 of which 6 are trained & experienced technicians.

What is Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd’s main product line or range of products?
Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd’s main focus is on the supply and installation of a complete Load Moment Indicator (LMI or SLI (Safe Load Indicator)) which can be fitted to almost any type of crane – whether telescopic crane, lattice crane,  or any other such crane or lifting machine. We have however recently diversified our portfolio of products to include load measuring / monitoring and logging systems for certain construction and materials handling machinery. We have broadened our focus and are able to offer “custom suited” systems for any application which may involve the need to monitor load. Please view our “HOME or APPLICATIONS” page for more information and an idea of what products we support and special projects. Another successful product line of ours is wind speed indication – which has been necessary for use with certain cranes.

What is the turnaround time for repairs / site calibrations? Does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd have emergency hours and / or rates?
The general turnaround under normal circumstances is between 2 - 3 days, however we do understand that cranes do break down from time to time. As such, we are able to assist in the event of an emergency, where the crane needs to be operable as soon as possible. Depending on the time frame involved, we may charge a higher rate for our services. In house repairs to electronic boards usually take between 3 – 4 days.

What countries does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd supply products & systems to?
Currently, Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd supplies and services sub-Saharan Africa completely and has also suppled numerous systems into north & west  African countries. We have agents in a few key European countries and are expanding our products to other regions such at the UAE. Interested in becoming and agent please contact us

What industries does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd serve?  
Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd predominantly serves the construction, mining & energy sectors.

Do your Safe-Aid systems comply with industry & safety standards?
Refer to our “ABOUT” page for an exact breakdown of all applicable compliances.

Does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd repair and / or calibrate other models or types of crane load moment indicators?
Yes, we are able to repair and calibrate most other manufacturers systems on the market. We have a range of service exchange boards and are also able to source components or replacement parts. We have worked on numerous computers over the years and have the knowledge and experience on all the other manufacturers.

What support (backup & technical) does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd offer?
In most cases, we manage to provide technical assistance & solutions telephonically and our offices may be contacted regarding any technical inquiry. Should the problem be more extensive and we believe the problem may need further expertise, trained & experienced technicians are on call that will rectify the problem on site. With 6 full time technicians and numerous sub-contractors, we have a minimal turnaround time when it comes to repairs and calibrations.



Where are the Safe-Aid systems manufactured?
All systems and most components of the system are manufactured at our plant / office in Strijdom Park in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Where are the system components manufactured or sourced from?
Most of the system, including all of the electronic boards are locally manufactured and some smaller components which make up the system are locally sourced. There are some components that are imported - our pressure transducers / sensors are imported from the UK and our proximity switches are manufactured in Japan.

What warranty does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd offer on all systems?
All of our systems & spares are supplied with a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

How long roughly would a typical system installation take?
This is largely dependent on the application, crane or machine type and the site where the machine is situated but most installations are completed within 4 working days.

Are the systems upgradeable?
Yes, our systems may be upgraded. There are numerous improvements or developments which take place within the time of fitting a system to the time it would need to be replaced.

Are all system spares & components readily available?
All of our system parts, boards and components are ex stock ex works for quick turnaround times, limiting unnecessary downtime.

What is the cost of a typical Safe-Aid system?
Each individual crane or machine is different and we would need to quote accordingly.

 What cranes may the Safe-Aid system be installed to?
We have installed the Safe-Aid systems to many different makes and models of cranes – most hydraulic and lattice cranes are supported.

Are the Safe-Aid systems wireless or does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd utilise cabling for installations?
The Safe-Aid is predominantly a cabled system for reasons of integrity of the system as well as minimizing radio interference with the system. We do however have the capability to offer wireless solutions and have manufactured systems where certain functions are wireless such as level indication and outrigger monitoring and load on overhead cranes.

What certification does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd provide upon fitment and calibration of a system?
We provide a calibration certificate on completion of the installation and calibration of the crane or machine. Once this is done, a third party LMI is contacted for a complete load test on the crane / machine.

How long will the system work before redundancy?
The Safe-Aid is designed to give years of uninterrupted use. As electronics are used, it is a good rule of thumb to replace a system every 10 – 15 years. Our systems are upgradeable and we do take into account that parts must be available for any of our systems within this time frame.

Are the Safe-Aid systems capable of logging errors / error states and crane data?
Yes the Safe-Aid systems has an on board data logger, the data logger will log a certain number of events, errors or potentially dangerous conditions which may be downloaded to a USB stick  and viewed with computer software.

How does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd use the crane load chart data with the system? Is the data exactly as per the manufacturers specifications?
We always request an original copy of the particular cranes load chart. The load chart data is as per the original load chart. This is loaded into the software of the particular system and is exactly as per the original manufacturers rating capacities.

Are the systems capable of communicating with the PLC of the crane should it be necessary?
Our system may send certain signals or inputs to the PLC should it be required but in most cases, we do not need to interfere with the working operation of the controller.

Are the systems capable of communicating with the data logger (black box) of the crane, should a data logger be installed?
Yes, we may in certain cases be able to communicate with the black box if necessary.


Windspeed Meters - Anemometers

What warranty does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd offer on the wind speed meters?
Our wind speed meters are covered by a one year warranty.

What different types of wind speed meters does Elec-Mech (Pty) Ltd have to offer?
We offer numerous options of wired and wireless wind speed meters with data logging options on some models.

Where are the wind speed meters manufactured?
The anemometer components are imported from Spain and assembled locally using local manufactured brackets and housings.
The Safe-Aid TS350 & WS400 are locally manufactured
All the WM44 electronics display components are imported from Spain and assembled locally

How are the wind speed meters calibrated?
The wind speed meters are pre-calibrated at the manufacturer in a wind tunnel.

Are the wind speed meters easy to install?
Yes, all the units are per-assembled and need little work to install. Some display units have to be fitted and connected to a power source therefore requires a little more work. All anemometer heads are very easy to install.

How long do the batteries in the wind speed unit last?
The Anemo 4403 wireless unit is fitted with a lithium battery in the wind speed unit which will last between 2 – 3 years. this unit can also use a size ‘D’ 1.5V alkaline battery but the lifespan is shortened considerably

Do the wind speed units have outputs for lights or a siren / buzzer?
The WM44 and TS350 display have various outputs, which may be used to connect to an external light or siren. The display units have buzzers which can be set to the maximum allowed wind speed.

What range do the wireless wind speed meters have?
The Anemo 4403  wind speed meter has a range of between 600 to 800 meters (line of sight) but we would recommend not more than 250m on a crane.

What wind speed can the wind speed meters handle?
Anemo 4403 anemometer can handle wind speeds of up to 200 km/h.


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